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Today with the ever growing costs to participate in playing soccer, fundraising to help cover fees, such as scholarships, tournament needs, equipment costs and registration fees, have become more and more imperative to sustain.

Footymarket has created a seamless way to help provide soccer clubs and their respective teams an opportunity to raise monies, for their Club using our platform, as often as they see fit.

How it works:

  1. The Soccer Club itself, creates an online account with Footymarket,

  2. The Soccer Club asks the teams, coaches, kids and parents to collect all of the soccer gear, shoes and equipment that they are not using and bring it all to a location of choice, such as the clubs headquarters on a “fundraising day.”

  3. The Soccer Club volunteers will inventory the gear, snap pictures of it all and the Club will post them on their Footymarket page, to sell.

  4. As each item sells, the monies earned (minus fees to cover our transaction costs of about 10%), will go into the Club’s account to use for whatever their specific needs are.

  5. Anything that is not being sold, we encourage you to please consider donating with our friends at the US Soccer Foundation.

As our kids outgrow their soccer gear and shoes, often times it sits idle in the house or in the garage, or even possibly thrown away. This is such a waste in so many ways and can be used to help raise monies for the Club AND to help provide an affordable option to those looking to purchase needed gear.
Any questions or needs, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you get running!